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No such thing as Heterophobia

I hate when people talk about ‘heterophobia’ like it’s a thing. No it’s not. Heterosexual women and men have never been dragged along the street or treated badly, for reasons of sexuality anyway.

Heterosexuals are never told that ‘it’s just a phase’ or asked ‘if they’re sure’. Their relationships aren’t things to be swept under the carpet. So when someone like me says they feel uncomfortable in the presence of a gay couple kissing and I retaliate saying I find a straight couple kissing offensive, please do not accuse me of being a ‘Heterophobe’ - because there is no such thing. 

Depressed rant 2

I’d usually save these for my diary (yes I have one), but I’m getting worse, like seriously worse. I’ve realised that if I don’t leave this place where I live, I might as well commit. If I don’t leave my life will have no purpose, no meaning so no reason to live. I never thought I’d utter those words. I never thought as a child, that killing myself would be an option. Now it seems my only backup.

There was a program ‘cure me I’m gay’ on channel 4 recently, maybe even tonight and it sickens me that in the 21st century there are those of the general public that want gay rights stopped, that believe being gay is curable. Well heres the stitch: it ain’t. Anyone claiming to have ‘changed’ does so because of the persecution they have faced! Or, because they did it to ‘follow a trend’. It makes me feel depressed that I genuinely am this way, and people have the nerve to pretend they are just so that they can look cool.

I also disagree with the notion ‘gay is the new black’ because not only does that diminish the great steps we have taken to irradiate such a stupid and inhuman discrimination, but it also segregates the gay community because it’s suggesting that having a different sexuality makes you a different ethnicity, as a different colour of skin would. Well that’s not the case.

I wish I could be happy, but how are any of us happy? When we grow up, we’ll have to fix the problems are parents gave us, along with the problems that we face because of one another.

Another thing I would like to add (and yes, it relates to gay stuff.) is the issue of gay marriage. Some people think that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that gays should ‘just be happy with civil partnerships’ or that marriage is a religious ceremony. Well no it is not, religion may have you believe it invented these ceremonies, but before religions even began, marriage existed. How do you explain that? Exactly. Also Adam and Eve are always depicted with belly buttons, why is this a problem? Well because, they were supposedly grown/made from clay and are the first humans, so why on Earth do they have belly buttons which are caused by the umbilical cord, which suggests they were born, which puts into question the whole thing.

Anyway, not the point. We just want the same rights as you have, by giving us ‘civil partnerships’ you further alienate us by saying we are undeserving of marriage when gay marriages last longer than straight marriages. Fact.

So yes, gay is not the new black but we are just as important. Love is love. That’s another thing that annoys me, that people are ‘offended’ by gay people kissing. How is that remotely fair? We have to deal with straight people’s PDA’s (Public Displays of Affection) so you should have to deal with ours. Oh wait, we’re a minority, we don’t matter.

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